Nigerian Community Association of U.S.A was established in 2015 to create a uniform forum of Nigerian Organizations in America, for the purpose of promoting unity and values, and for promoting progress, information sharing, advocacy, and cultural understanding between member organizations and the rest of the society.

Our goals are:

  1. To encourage unity among Nigerians in United States of America and elsewhere
  2. To promote the advancement and welfare of Nigerians
  3. To promote social interaction in our community
  4. To encourage the economic progress and collaboration within our community
  5. To unite and educate our children in our rich Nigerian cultural and traditional values
  6. To advocate, protect and advance Nigerian culture
  7. To serve as a resource center for other associations and community as a whole
  8. To promote harmony and peaceful co-existence within ethnic groups
  9. To promote and actively impact development projects in Nigeria
  10. To actively engage, promote and cultivate political awareness and civic responsibility among Nigerians here in America and in Nigeria
  11. To interact with similar groups with shared goals and objectives

Want to become a member of Nigerian Community in the U.S.A? Contact us for more information: